Safe and Sanitary Allergy Relief Bedding

Luckily for you, the textile industry has made this possible through the creation of many specific fabrics and materials which will block up to 99.5% of all allergens. Just so you know, the absolute newest and best material that can be used in your bedding will be the woven microfiber. Now, let’s get the specifics on allergy relief bedding products.

First, you must know this… for hypoallergenic bedding to be truly effective, it cannot have pores bigger than 6 microns. Any pores bigger than this and allergens WILL get through. What you typically find in discount stores is hypoallergenic bedding with an average pore size of an astonishing 10 microns or more! Don’t be fooled by hypoallergenic imitations. Check your facts.

Lucky for you, discounts abound here online for high quality, allergy relief bedding. Reputable online retailers of hypoallergenic products keep budget conscious allergy sufferers foremost in their minds in regard to pricing and production. But, just beware, not all allergy free products can be treated equally. Make sure what is meant by “discount.” Make sure it still has the proper components necessary toward off allergens. Discounts on true allergy relief bedding products ARE available, just know what you are looking for.

Now, that being said, let’s look at the most popular options for hypoallergenic and allergy bedding products available to you. These will include any and all of the following types of bedding; mattress pads, toppers, dust mite covers, pillow encasings, organic wool and dye-free cotton pillows and comforters.

You can easily keep those menacing mites away from you with dust mite covers for pillows and box springs. Mattresses as well can be protected and allergy free. Additional thickness can be added using mattress pads made from organic, natural, odorless, chemical-free materials such as latex, cotton or wool.

Finally, allergy sufferers have many options to relieve their symptoms. By using hypoallergenic materials in their bedding, and using the right protective covers for pillows and mattresses, you too can safely and comfortably lay in your bed with only those you CHOOSE to share it with. Take the dust mites, animal dander, and hundreds of allergens off the guest list and enjoy a healthy, restful and comfortable sleep!

Check out our featured merchants for a fine selection of allergen free bedding products. Enjoy shopping and a better quality of life!