Shop for Baby Bedding Sets by Brand or Theme

When trying to decide between various baby bedding sets, there are two schools of thought. You can either decorate before the baby arrives, or after. The baby is usually in the parents bedroom the first few months anyhow, so you do have time to decide after the baby comes.

Soothing and soft colors tend to work best for the baby’s room, and bright colors can be a bit over stimulating to the baby. You can introduce some of the primary colors of red, blue or yellow in small amounts in some of the accessories and toys.

When decorating the nursery in advance, it’s best to stay with a gender neutral designs & colors. Blue is a popular color.

You can either shop by brand or theme when it comes to baby bedding sets.

Here are some brand names in the baby bedding market, to help you become familiar:

* All Things Creative
* California Kids
* Disney Baby
* Eddie Bauer
* John Deer
* Osh Kosh
* Precious Moments
* Strawberry Shortcake
* Laura Ashley

When it comes to themes you can choose, use this list as a starting point:

* All Things Creative
* Bugs
* Cars
* Cowboys
* Denim
* Dinosaur
* Disney
* Fire Truck
* Floral
* Geometric
* Jungle
* Moon and Stars
* Nautical
* Noah
* Plaid
* Princess
* Round
* Safari
* Simple
* Snoopy
* Sports
* Story
* Teddy Bear
* Toile
* Train
* Transportation
* Western
* Winnie the Pooh

Of course, consideration number one is the gender of the baby. Use the list to generate some ideas for your nursery or to see if the accessories you already have can be matched to theme.

Crib bedding sets are almost always made from 100% cotton. Other fabrics include flannel, fleece and percale. In a typical 4 piece set a dust ruffle, comforter, bumper guards, and a fitted sheet, are included as part of the set.

There are a lot of matching baby accessories that you can coordinate with the set. There are coordinated hampers, toy bins, curtains and valances and other room decor options that you can mix in as well.

The highest standards of quality is a ‘given’ in the baby industry. After all, the baby is the most precious possession in the house.