Baby Swaddling Blankets Calm and Soothe Babies

What is the first gift your child receives after they are born? Baby swaddling blankets of course. The very first comfort a baby receives outside of the womb is to be swaddled in a soft, light weight blanket. This has been proven over and over to calm and soothe any newborn. It is a whole new world for them and receiving blankets help them hold on to the secure feeling of their first “home.” Ah how safe, familiar and comfortable this feeling is for your precious little one. It is so important for them to be swaddled, the hospital always makes sure to send their new receiving blanket home with them.

There are all types of baby blankets can be used for swaddling, for the crib, as nursery bedding or for extra warmth (such as fleece or flannel baby blankets). The key is softness; comfort and safety. Baby receiving blankets are meant to be lightweight and made of the most comfortable materials. Some of the most popular baby swaddling blankets, are cashmere, chenille, crocheted, quilted, satin, fleece and flannel. Also popular are personalized, animal, hooded, monogrammed or knitted baby blankets. Also available online are elegant receiving blankets for special occasions (such as baptisms).

Baby blankets have many uses and will certainly be a part of your child’s security for years to come. Durability, quality, and wash ability are therefore of utmost importance! The merchants we have carefully selected know this and only sell the highest quality in baby swaddling receiving blankets.

In the beginning, the receiving blanket is mainly used for swaddling. It will then become a familiar blanket for them to cuddle or cover up with. These swaddling blankets also make great breast feeding cover ups and burp cloths and tummy time blankets as well. As your little one grows the blanket begins to become their main security item. Since it has been with them from the start it may just become their best friend.

With that in mind, here are a few tips:

Make sure you have several of the same or similar blankets on hand in case you lose one and rotate them often.

Make sure to wash them frequently so the child gets used to the clean blanket smell. This will ensure you do not have any security blanket disasters when you accidentally leave one at grandmas or one gets dirty and/or ruined. Trust me, it will prevent tantrums and difficulties getting your child to sleep. This way your child will always have that old familiar blankie to cuddle up and soothe himself (or herself) with.

Lastly, keep in mind baby swaddling blankets make wonderful (if not necessary) baby shower gifts. And bright stimulating colors and textures or interesting patterns and designs will make for some great sensory stimulation.