A Nice Set of Bath Towels Can Be as Beautiful as They Are Functional

From the shelf to your bathroom, these durable, manufactured and fabricated goods are a lifesaver. Bath towels are a necessity for any homeowner. They are stacked in the closets and drawers of many, neglected until necessary. They are one of the most taken for granted goods in a home. They can be used for multiple tasks around the house, not just bathing. Cleaning countertops and floors is one of the many uses for bath towels. They are a variable good in the sense that they come in various shapes, sizes, colors and thicknesses. Towels are simple to use, simple to clean and simple to store. The importance of having these goods can’t be over-stressed.

Bath towels come in a variety of sizes. The most common bath towels are face towels and drying towels. Face towels are the smaller of the two, barely spanning the width of an adult’s face. Upon entering the shower, the bather will take this towel in with them. Once the steamy water is ready, the bather wets this towel and soaps it up. As its name suggests, this towel is then applied to the face of the bather to exfoliate and clean it. Once the bather has finished cleaning the face, they may choose to proceed to clean their entire body using the towel or simply run water through it and ring it out over the drain. Either way, using these small towels is more efficient and more effective than attempting to clean one’s entire body using one’s hand and/or a luffa.

Unlike its smaller counterpart, the drying towel is used once the bather exits the shower or bathtub. While the dryer slowly wets the floor with their dripping body, they will grab this towel to dry themselves. These towels are typically about four feet long and two feet wide, perfect for use in this situation and at a sunny beach. Beach-goers are often accompanied by these towels to the beach. As these people attempt to achieve the perfect tan or watch the waves come in, the towel rests peacefully on the ground beneath them, shielding them from the scorching sand and critters that lie beneath. But after a long day at the beach, after having experienced the likes of dirty feet and sunscreened and wet bodies, bath towels always need a good washing.

Washing bath towels is more of a task than washing other fabrics in terms of difficulty. The most important rule to remember when washing a bath towel, specifically a colored one, is that towels will bleed when first washed and maybe in a few washes thereafter. To avoid this bleeding, the washer should first wash new towels together in cold water. Washing in warm water will cause towels to release their colors into the washing machine. Washing towels in cold water with other white clothes could lead to a detrimental result also. To be safe, read the tags on towels that are just bought before washing. Please, treat your towels well.