Individually Crafted Bed Quilts for Comfort and Luxury

Bed quilts come in an endless combination of color schemes, patterns, shapes and sizes. What makes the internet so great is that you can browse and get some idea’s if you’re unsure of exactly what you want in a bed quilt. You can even hand make your own bed quilts. This way you can get the fabrics and details that you want.

Typical bed quilts come in the following sizes: King, Queen, Double, Twin and Crib, with dimensions of 96″ X 100,” 96″ X 82,” 90″ X 76,”90″ X 60″ and 65″ X 50″ respectively.

One of the first decisions you must make when looking to purchase bed quilts is how much or how little over hang you desire. If you want around 12″ of overhang, then standard dimensions work just fine.

Bed quilts are truly one-of-a-kind items. The internet provides an unlimited selection of both handcrafted and manufactured bed quilts with unique designs. Each bed quilt (especially handcrafted ones) is a work of art, with the signature of the quilter embedded in their choice of colors, fabrics, and border details.

Many retailers of bed quilts will send you swatches upon request, so that you get an idea of how well the fabric and design will fit your decor preferences. So if you’re torn between contemporary designs or traditional, you can get sample swatches of each to make the right selection.

So if you’re looking for added comfort and luxury, having the right bed quilts in your linen closet is a great idea. The internet provides you with a convenient place to browse and get idea’s for purchasing or making your own bed quilts.