Bed Skirts and Dust Ruffles Blend Decor with Functionality

A great way to complete a bedroom makeover is with matching or contrasting bed skirts or dust ruffles. Bed skirts and dust ruffles come in all sizes with a huge array of fabrics, styles, colors and prints to choose from.

Bed skirts are made by attaching a skirting to a broad piece of fabric. This broad piece of fabric fits on top of the box spring and the mattress is placed over it. The skirting drapes down over the box spring to the floor.

Dust ruffles are often confused with bed skirts. They are similar functionally, but the way they are attached is quite different. Dust ruffles wrap around the base of the bed. They are usually attached with elastic or velcro. Dust ruffles are easier to install or remove than bed skirts, since there is no need to lift or move the mattress.

Bed skirts and dust ruffles can help keep dust out and conceal items that are stored under the bed.

With so many lovely bed skirts and dust ruffles to choose from online, there is no time like now to complete that bedroom makeover.