Black and White Bedding Can Do Wonders for Your Bedroom Decor

Decorating in black and white is very popular, especially among men and those who want a modern look. The black and white theme is especially appealing when used to decorate in the bedroom. There are many ways to use black and white bedding in your bedroom to increase the beauty and aesthetics of your home. There are also many reasons why people choose black and white bedding as their bedroom dressing of choice. There are many different designs of black and white bedding available at just about all the popular home decorating stores and even in general merchandise retailers. Black and white are highly sought after colors because they match almost everything so finding bedding in these colors will not be hard. As far as price goes, that depends on how fancy you want to get. Also name brand bedding is always more expensive than generic or no name brands.

First of all black and white bedding is contrasting color. This means that if you choose a black and white bedspread or comforter then you can paint the walls any color and they will stand out dramatically. For instance, a lot of people like to do a black and white theme with bedding and offset that with bright red walls. If you have a black, silver, or white bed frame then black and white bedding is a good choice to go with because it compliments your bed frame. Black and white bedding would not look as appealing with a brown wooden frame, although different people have different tastes and it might look great to some people.

An example of how to decorate a room with black and white bedding is to have a black bed frame with a thick solid white comforter covering the mattress. Under the comforter would be a patterned sheet in the colors of black and white. On top of the solid white comforter would be patterned black and white pillows along with smaller solid black and solid white pillows. You would want a black nightstand with white accents, perhaps a white marble top. Other furniture in the room should also be black to match the bed frame with cushions that match the pattern of the pillows and sheet on the bed. Curtains can be solid black or solid white. Solid black will block out the sun and make the room appear darker even when it is daylight outside. Decorate the bookshelves, tables, and surfaces with black vases, clocks and trinkets.