Blankets Are One of Life’s Little Comforts

Blankets, bed sheets and pillowcases are a classic combination for versatility, style and comfort. Made with a variety of fabrics including cotton, cotton/blend, synthetics and wool, blankets compliment anything from fine quality silk sheets to standard discount bed sheets. Types of blankets include cotton, fleece, down, wool and electric. Each of these blankets has its own special characteristics regarding construction and comfort levels.

Cotton blankets are terrific with a cool set of bed sheets, providing a comfortable late spring, early summer combination for lightweight warmth. These blankets are machine washable and excellent for use as a layering piece.

Fleece blankets are soft, lightweight and warm. These blankets are great for year round use and are also easy to care for. Fleece blankets are a popular choice to go with crib linens as well.

Wool blankets are durable and warm and can also be used year round. If you are one of those folks who are allergic to wool, cotton covered wool filled blankets can offer a viable alternative.

Down blankets are also a great year round blanket option. These comfortable, high quality blankets are cool to the touch, warm and cozy.

Electric blankets will keep you nice and toasty for a great nights sleep. These blankets will cost you a little more, but with superior new designs that incorporate a conductive tape for more even heating, lightweight comfort is guaranteed.

Be sure to take advantage of this online resource for a great selection of blankets and other fine bedding products. With convenient online service, many merchants can get your blankets delivered within a week.