California King Waterbed Comforters Top off Your Aqua Bed in Style

Bought a new waterbed? Time for a decor change? No problem. California king waterbed comforters can easily and affordably bring new life to your bedroom!

As you know, waterbeds are in their own “class.” They are a unique breed and require specific, specialized, fitted waterbed sheets and comforters. Because of a waterbed’s unique design, regular bedding often does not fit properly. Individualized style… individualized design… individualized sheets and comforters!

Whether you are a die hard waterbed fan, having had one for 10 or 15 years, or just starting out with one, we think you will be quite pleased with the vast selection of comforters for your waterbed available online.

These days it seems that memory foam, sleep number beds, and super thick mattress toppers are quickly replacing and/or invading the comfortable, orthopedic benefits that only waterbeds used to be able to claim. However, I know for a fact there are still thousands of you who will forever be dedicated to the unprecedented comfort and restful sleep you get on your waterbed. They are like a really good friend to many of you and you wouldn’t dream of replacing that friend with a new person of a whole different personality. You are a great match for each other, why rock the boat (I mean, bed!)

Don’t worry, waterbeds will not go out of style anytime soon! But, it does seem the local stores are less concerned about offering high quality waterbed sheets, comforters and bedspreads in a nice variety of colors, themes, styles and fabrics. The selections just don’t seem to be there anymore.

This is where online shopping becomes a REAL ADVANTAGE! No more “all-day-running” from store to store to find a refreshing, uplifting, stylish look for your bedroom. You can easily find that perfect waterbed comforter in a matter of minutes. And, another advantage is the prices you will find! Guaranteed, you not only find a greater selection of comforters for your waterbed, but you will find them to be much less expensive than your local retail stores. Hmmm… same great quality, same designer names, a greater selection, it takes minutes instead of hours to shop, no money spent on gas, AND lower prices? SOLD!

Certainly, the most popular size for waterbeds is the California King. Talk about luxury! The biggest, softest waterbed you can find. How lucky you are if you do have one, I’m jealous! Now, all you need is the biggest, softest, most uniquely beautiful, stylish, durable comforter! No problem… California King waterbed comforters are easy to find online. There are literally hundreds of online merchants selling waterbed sheets, comforters, and accessories. We know that is just too many to choose from and it would take too long to browse through them all.

Well, good news!!! That’s why we are here! To help YOU. We already did the browsing for you and found the highest quality comforters for your waterbed at the most reasonable prices, as you will see by browsing our featured merchants. We trust and respect them, they trust and respect the customers we bring to them! We make a great team and we would love to add you to it!

So, whether you are looking for waterbed sheets, a waterbed comforter, fine and luxurious waterbed linens and bedding, or accessories for your waterbed, you have come to the right place!

Here are some facts, ideas, and tips to get you started…

* Remember, waterbeds are unique and will look best with specialized, properly fitted bedding, designed specifically for them.

* There is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from… anything from casual denim to cotton, polyester to wool, silk to satin.

* When measuring your waterbed frame for the proper fit of your mattress, mattress pads, protective covers, quilts, sheets, or bedspreads, remember to measure from the INSIDE borders of your waterbed frame, width and length.

Typical measurements are as follows:

California King size waterbed 72″ x 84″
California Queen size waterbed 60″ x 84″
Super Single size waterbed 48″ x 84″

* So, make sure you measure and find the waterbed comforter that fits your exact specifications.

* Keep in mind your waterbed sheets and comforters will be larger than the mattress’ dimensions.

Typical sizes are as follows:

King or California King waterbed comforters 90″ x 103″
Queen waterbed comforters 90″ x 103″
Super single water bed comforters 68″ x 92″

* If you have pets or young children, MAKE SURE you purchase a protective cover for your waterbed to avoid punctures (AND, by all means, be careful if trying to open your mattress box with a sharp object!) Personally, I would recommend these protective covers for EVERY waterbed mattress, just to be safe

* You can easily make your waterbed even MORE comfortable and enjoyable with accessories such as waterbed heaters and massage mates

* Remember, you don’t need to “change” the water in your waterbed, but you DO need to clean and condition it every 6-12 months! Easily done with waterbed conditioners and cleaner protectants (also available online).

* Lastly, remember picking out a new waterbed comforter or comforter set should be FUN, invigorating, and relaxing. Dream. Imagine. Create!

So, now it’s time to give your bedroom a makeover. Make a statement that is uniquely yours! Enjoy your new sleeping comfort, style and design with a new waterbed comforter! Have a great night!