How Themed Children’s Quilts Show Your Child’s Unique Personality

Children’s rooms are famous for having personalized themes. What better way to pull the entire room decor together than with themed children’s quilts!

Trust me, I have seen this work! One of my best friends spends much of her spare time quilting. When she redecorated the three children’s bedrooms, she made each of them a special quilt for their bed that brought out the theme of the room. What a beautifully unique difference her children’s quilts made for the decor of their rooms! And, with the “special” quilts mom made, you can guarantee her children feel loved when they wrap up in their own personal unique theme quilt every night. How lucky they are!

But, let’s assume you yourself are not a quilting genius. You can still have this fabulous look and feel for your child and their room with some of the unique theme quilts for kids available online! True, YOU may not have actually hand crafted it, but the time you spend carefully choosing your themed child’s quilt will still say “love.”

Of course, you will take into account your child’s favorite colors, characters, animals, designs, and/or themes. You know your child best, and the look you find will still be uniquely theirs. Naturally, you will find a quilt for your child that is personally hand picked and which lets their own preferences and personality shine! They will feel the warmth and comfort of your love with the perfect children’s quilt design and theme you choose, made especially for them.

There are dozens of children’s themed quilts to choose from online! You can find anything from Harry Potter to glow in the dark stars and moons, ballerinas and princesses to dragonflies or butterflies. Or, planes, trucks and trains to Hawaiian or basketballs, Noah’s Ark to I Spy, patchwork to poodles or baby bears… just to name a few!

So, why quilts instead of, or in addition to, other blankets and comforters? First, you must understand the difference. A quilt is a specific “bed covering” made of two layers of material, sewn together uniquely and meticulously with a layer of insulating batting in between. This can be done by hand or machine, or a combination of both. Generally, it is less bulky than a comforter, more durable, “prettier” and more distinctive, as well as easier to store or keep as a family heirloom.

Besides being used for bedding, quilts can also serve many other purposes. These include; as a wall hanging, purely for decoration, for protection under armory, as a commemorative, educational, or campaign piece, or for documenting social history, and/or purely for artistic expression.

One of my first introductions to quilts specifically made for children was when my 10 year old niece had to have her gall bladder taken out. The particular hospital she went to had a program that allowed handmade quilts to be given for free to all children having surgery. When she went in for her much dreaded, but absolutely necessary, surgery she was elated to find a special quilt laid on her bed just for her! She immediately snuggled up in it. It was a great comfort to her before and after surgery, and she showed it off to everyone! Believe it or not, my niece still uses it to this day (at age 15!).

Children’s theme quilts made for charities such as this are a common trend. You can find all sorts of wonderful people working hard on quilts for children with cancer, AIDS, leukemia, in foster care, or with special needs. Often these theme quilts for kids are auctioned off to raise money for a special cause or given away for free. It is so rewarding to see, and has made a financial and personal difference for so many. These quilters are certainly angels!

So, whether you need a child’s quilt for your own home, as a gift to a special child, for a bed or as a decorative wall hanging, you can find some wonderful patterns, theme ideas, and quilts online! Pick the best, the most uniquely personalized, and beautiful hand or machine quilted bedding or decorative quilt for you. It will create a special memory for your child that will last a lifetime!