Dress Your Daybed in Style with a Daybed Comforter

The daybed comforter set that was selected for our guest room is full of brilliant earth tones. Its orange, dark red and deep brown colors look similar to an Indian blanket, yet with the softness of a down comforter. Inviting and tranquil, guests wrap themselves in the comfort of a warm, comfortable daybed comforter as they settle in for the night.

Each trinket in the room has been strategically placed throughout in hopes of inviting guest to crawl between the bedding and under the daybed comforter. The guest room is a place of peace and tranquility. The fragrance of vanilla and peppermint fill the room to give that calming effect.

Nothing says more about you than the décor you select for your bedroom or guest room. Soft down comforters are perfect for a daybed set. But if you want to add more personality, select something more colorful with a theme. Or choose several different daybed comforter sets so you can change with each season.

For instance, wildlife comforter sets or southwest comforter sets remind us of simpler things in life. It would make more sense for a log cabin home to feature a daybed comforter with these designs. For a more modern look, try a black and white comforter set. Remember, you want your guests to feel the emotion you put into the room. Be creative and have fun.

Our guests always enjoy the time they spend with us. It may or may not be the southwestern daybed comforter in our guest room, or the tiny trinkets that they find so relaxing. But I know they walk away refreshed from the nights they spent tucked under a cozy daybed comforter.