Add a Splash of Color and Design, or Create a Theme in Any Room with Decorative Accent Pillows

Decorative accent pillows can quickly and affordably add character and personality to any of your favorite (or most frequented) rooms. Accent your bed, couch, favorite chair, kid’s room, futon, porch chairs, or sofa.

Besides being decorative, these pillows are also practical. Accent pillows can provide neck and/or back support while sitting watching TV, visiting with friends and family in your sun room or living room, or while taking that beloved Sunday afternoon nap.

Being someone with both a back and shoulder injury (for years), I will tell you that my accent pillows get a lot of use! Originally, I bought my decorative accent pillows for just that…a decorative accent. However, for me, they have now also become a true comfort device!

My decorative pillows are always handy, whether on the couch, bed, or chair. If I sit or lay down, I grab one (or two). They are great as head and neck pillows, behind the back, under the knees, or as a hugging pillow to keep me in the most comfortable positions. When I get up, there they stay to serve their “truer” purpose–that of decoration.

My favorite decorative accent pillow is the one my friend hand made for me! It has all the perfect colors in it to match my couch and living room decor. Plus, it has one of my favorite inspirational sayings on it…”The Serenity Prayer.” So, every day I see this prayer and it is a wonderful reminder of the art of acceptance. It is a daily inspiration that helps me become a better person!

These particular examples are just one among many advantages of decorative accent pillows. In choosing yours, think about where you will put yours and what purpose it will serve. The most popular advantage, of course, is its cost effective way of adding character and color to any room.

Having difficulty choosing your accent pillows? Perhaps I can get you started… here are some of the most popular choices:

* decorative heart pillows
* Japanese decorative pillows
* brocade pillows
* silk, satin, suede, or leather throw pillows
* dog prints (particularly the Welsh Terrier), cat and dog sayings, and decorative pillows for your dog or other pets
* beaded pillows (definitely more decorative than “usable”)
* tropical throw pillows
* nautical accent pillows
* Thomas Kinkade decorative pillows

No matter where you want them, decorative couch, sofa, bed, chair, or floor pillows are a wonderful/inspirational way to invite color, charm, and comfort into your home. Change them seasonally, give them as a gift, use them as the inspiration of the month/year, use them to accent particular works of art or colors in your room, or simply pick your favorite color, design and fabric to add warmth to your room. Tone down a patterned furniture piece, or bring design to a solid colored piece of furniture. Let your artistic style and creative juices come out!

Enrich your life, AND your rooms, with decorative accent pillows; and make your house a home!