Duvet Covers Provide a Decorative Layer of Protection

Protect your prized comforter with duvet covers. Comforters are not the easiest to protect and maintain (dry cleaning is even required for many of them). Additionally, typical comforters are often simple, neutral colors such as beige or off white… great for keeping you warm, but not exactly the most decorative and exciting colors to add to your decor.

With duvet covers you will instantly have much more flexibility and options for decor accents and themes, seasonal motifs, and a variety of decorative designs for every room all year long.

You have several options of fabrics to choose from for your duvet cover, and each have their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages. You can choose from pure linen, cotton, a variety of blends, and/or synthetic fabrics.

Cotton used to be a pain to maintain in the past. But now, cotton duvet covers are permanent-press and wrinkle free… no more ironing needed!

Linen comforter covers are very comfortable and add a touch of elegance and beauty, but do realize that ironing is required. However, when it comes to durability, linen can’t be beat.

Pure synthetic duvet covers are not very comfortable, and are not recommended by even many of the top manufacturers! (We are surprised they are still sold at all.)

Finally, there are the cotton/synthetic blends. A little better than the pure synthetic, but not a whole lot better. However, these can be an acceptable option if cost is an issue.

If possible, we recommend you stick with the all natural linen, or the 100% cotton, wrinkle-free duvet covers. You will enjoy and appreciate either!

You can create a new look for your bed as often as the mood strikes thanks to duvet comforter covers. They are easy to change, easy to maintain, and will keep your comforter investment lasting for many years to come.