Uniquely Hers Girls Bedding

Yes, it’s true, your little girl is growing up! Her interests, preferences, and tastes have changed. Now it is time to let your girls bedding reflect that unique personality which is emerging.

Until about 3 years you can expect to get away with anything you pick out. After that, the little pink or purple frills and lace just don’t cut it anymore! The older they get the more Care Bears, Barbie, Teletubbies, princesses, and Disney Babies will become a thing of the past.

What? Now she wants girl’s bedding with frogs, horses, angels, clouds, tie-dye designs, Hillary Duff, soccer, cheerleading, or canopy bedding? You mean she doesn’t like yellow anymore? Her favorite color is blue? She loves pop culture, mysteries, Scooby Doo, American Idol, and styles of the 70’s? When did all of THIS happen?

Trust me, I know what this “finding your new identity thing” is all about… my little girl is 10. We have gone through about 5 different favorite color phases, 30 different favorite TV show phases, 15 different favorite singers, and at least 100 different favorite activities/games/sports/toys. The older girls get, the more their decor preferences will change and evolve. My decorating style and ideas just won’t cut it anymore. After all, she IS (and I quote) “a pre-teen” you know.

Believe me, she knows what she wants, and hopes to achieve in her choice of girls bedding! We must accept that she has developed her own personality and identity. It’s time for her to express that and she will rebuff any attempts at someone else trying to influence her style and preferences with theirs.

But, it is all good!! This is a necessary part of the maturation process. Your girl’s bedding preferences will evolve as she does. Believe me, it will be best to bring her in on the online shopping excursion, no matter what her age. (I know, I know… girls are just so picky aren’t they?) Shopping for girls bedding online is so easy to do with the seemingly infinite number of choices and variety offered by bedding merchants on the web.

Don’t you and your daughter need some valuable, fun, quality time together? Doesn’t she need to know you value her and the woman she is becoming? Don’t you both want to learn the importance of compromise in making decisions together? Isn’t she just screaming to let her personality and preferences come out in the one and only place that is uniquely hers… her bedroom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then pull up a chair for her and start some exhilarating internet browsing for the girl’s bedding that will reflect who she is! Trust me, it can be quite a pleasurable experience.

So, start dreaming, creating, and imagining all of the possibilities. Decide what decor element you want to focus on first.

Is it the color, the theme, the design or the “feel”? Is it the paint, the furniture, wallpaper, or the bedding? What will be the focal point of your girl’s room? What fabric or bedding materials will be best? What are the essentials, the “must-haves”? What are the accessories, the extras that will complete the coordinated look? What is negotiable, what is not? What is affordable”? What is practical? What is the overall decor theme or effect you want to achieve?

Believe me, there are many things to consider when looking for girls bedding, and there is no shortage of creative, inspiring ideas. “Dream the impossible dream”, have fun, and let your daughter’s personality shine. Let her express herself and help her find her unique identity. Give her a place to be proud to call her own.