A Masculine Comforter Suits a Man’s Taste

A thick, warm and cozy masculine comforter can turn the manliest of men into playful, relaxed teddy bears. Typically, a masculine comforter will have colors, prints and patterns that are a little more bold and not quite as dainty as those found on some luxury bed linens, bed in a bag or comforter sets. Many men seem to prefer a more bold color scheme on their bedding and linens.

You’ll need to decide whether you want a down or synthetic filled masculine comforter. The outer fabric of a masculine comforter is usually made from cotton/polyester blends. Comforters are filled with either down, a combination of down and feathers, or polyester. If you decide on a down comforter, pay particular attention to what is called the “fill factor”, which is a measure of how many cubic inches of space an ounce of down takes up inside the comforter. A higher fill factors mean more insulating power. Other considerations may include thread counts, size and accessories such as matching bed sheets and pillowcases.

Once you’ve found a masculine comforter that’s just right for that big ‘teddy bear’ of a guy, you may also want to think about purchasing a duvet cover. A duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase that’s used for reducing wear and keeping the masculine comforter clean. For many years of good use from a masculine comforter, consider purchasing a duvet cover to protect it.

Be sure to browse through the array of masculine comforters being featured by our online merchants. You’re sure to find plenty of terrific options to make that man of yours happy. Look for great deals on bed in a bag and comforter sets too.