Bring the Ocean Indoors with Seaside Quilts

Need an idea for a quilt? How about seaside quilts. By using blue block patterns, you can capture the ocean in your fabric. You can use any nautical theme to weave into your look; how about… lighthouses, seagulls, sunsets, or sea creatures. The list is endless!

With majestic blue colors and a sailboat quilt block pattern, you can use these nautical themes for all the accessories such as accent pillows, shams and throws. Together with some nice nautical pictures and collectibles, you can have a truly unique and relaxing look!

All sizes are fair game, from twin sizes, to the full, king and queen. You can even use nautical pillow shams to round out this ensemble.

By making these quilts reversible, you can have two looks in one, changing the look and feel of your room overnight.

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting among ocean views and sounds. Surround yourself with seaside looks, sounds and decor with seaside quilts, nautical decor and even the sound of ocean waves from a tape or sound machine playing in the background. Pick up a good book, sit back and relax by the water. Or, feel confident that your company will enjoy this themed room and feel relaxation setting in as they too become enveloped by their seaside experience.

Bring the ocean to you with beautiful seaside quilts!