Teen Bedding: Let Your Teenager Make the Final Choice

Teen bedding is just a piece in a much bigger puzzle… decorating a teen’s bedroom. And what a challenge that can be! Now, two personalities have input into the decor scheme. Since most teens go for funky, bold, cool designs and colors, their rooms are typically much different than the probable conservative decor of the rest of the home. Therefore, some careful planning is in order.

Most teenager’s tastes are very fickle, and they know EXACTLY what appeals to them. Therefore, bringing them into the bedding selection process is almost mandatory. The bedding and linens need to fit into the “feel” of their room, and not just match the curtains, wallpaper and furniture. It needs to be comfortable, and make a personal statement.

Since teens nowadays are getting much more conscious of design and lay out (particularly if they have seen the teenage rooms on (Extreme Makeover Home Edition!), it’s not a lost cause bringing them into the selection process. Chances are, they will have insights that you won’t think of.

They must be able to express their interests and personality, but you will be surprised at their flair for decor. The colors may be non traditional, like purple or hot pink, for example, but contrasted with traditional furniture, blinds and drapes, it can be done tastefully.

And lets not forget about sleepovers! Having extra sets of bedding around even if it’s cheap, is a good idea.

Add to your teen’s sanctuary with teen bedding that matches & expresses their personality.