The Bulky Afghan Is Out… A Throw Blanket Is In!

A throw blanket is a better, more convenient and cozy way to provide that extra layer of warmth you need all year round. Whether you cuddle up with a good book, watch TV, or snuggle with your loved ones… the best throw blanket for you is both comfortable and decorative. Throw blankets ALSO make wonderful decorative accents in any room as they lay over the couch, on a special blanket rack, or as a wall hanging!

Blanket throws are more popular than ever! Truthfully, I don’t think many of us have time to knit anymore… which explains the fading afghan trend. The endless selection of blanket throw fabrics, styles, designs, themes, and colors make them the best way to bring life and personality to any room and make it shine with eloquence and color.

Additionally, these blankets make superb gifts. Blanket throws make for beautiful room accents, and provide the means for a practical yet simplistic warmth and added security. Throws provide comfort for any child during snuggling, naps or bedtime, and are an inexpensive way to personalize any room or cozy spot in the house. Trust me, everyone will want their own special “blankie” now!

Blanket throws, are usually 4 ft. X 5 ft or 50″ x 60.”

This leads us to the FUN part…

Matching Personality, Style and Needs with the Huge Selection of Throw Blankets Available Online

Your personality? No problem! I think you know what your likes and dislikes, preferences, hobbies, personal taste and favorite things are.

Your needs? Ah, a little tougher, but we can sort it out together. First, keep in mind, WHO the blanket is for. Is it a gift to yourself, your spouse, a friend, your child, a grandchild, a relative, or coworker?

Second, what is the MAIN purpose of the throw? Is it purely for decoration? For minimal or maximum warmth? Will your throw blanket be used to symbolize a celebration and memory of a special person or occasion? Will it be used and washed often?

Third, where will the throw blanket be used most? The most popular uses include hanging on the wall, draped on a child’s bed, or as a spare blanket for sleepovers. Other popular choices include being used in a cabin, camper or tent. Additionally, throw blankets are perfect for everyday use. Use them while you sit in your favorite chair, as a decoration on your sofa, or as a special place for your pet.

Lastly, what “statement” do you want this throw to make? It can be about decor, matching colors and patterns, or about love, comfort and warmth. Is it about bringing out someone’s personality or about displaying or using the best in quality and craftsmanship? Or, is it about finding the perfect blanket for the perfect price for practical everyday use?

Once these questions are answered, it is time to choose. I know, I know… online shopping can make it difficult because there are really too many to choose and compare from! Well, let me get you started with some ideas for choosing the best throws based on searching myself and by looking through the variety of online merchants.

First… color. Here are some of the unique colors that blanket throws are offered in online: red, black, pumpkin, kiwi, dijon, cornflower blue, ivory, garnet, citron, honey, autumn glaze, rose, leaf green, smoke blue, camel, twilight, pomegranate, chocolate, pearl, avocado, toasted oatmeal or red spice. Wow! How cool are those colors? Which one is best for you?

Second… blanket “design.” Here are some you can find: military, Christmas, nativity scenes, snowflakes, poems or sayings, flags, a horse, penguin, cat, dogs, Elmo, Thomas Kinkade, a zebra, bear, plaid, or an angel. And, that my friend, is only the tip of the iceberg!

Third… fabric. Here are some great ones to choose from: faux fur, cotton, fleece, down, cashmere, polyester or wool, to name a few. Think about everything your special throw blanket will need to be. Give yourself, or someone you care about, a unique memory, as well as some extra love, warmth, and comfort. Enjoy the vast selections our featured merchants offer and have fun with your creative side!