Waterbed Sheets That Fit Like a Glove

Finding the right set of waterbed sheets for your aqua bed can be a tricky proposition indeed. Waterbed sheets need to be specifically designed for the waterbed. Since the waterbed is constantly changing shape, perfect fitting sheets become a must.

Waterbed sheets can also be a little costly. However, with proper care, these sheets can provide many years of good service.

Waterbed sheets come in many styles, colors, fibers, and sizes. So you’re not stuck with just plain white anymore. You can find waterbed sheets that fit your decor and provide maximum comfort. It’s best to stick with waterbed sheets that use a durable fabric, because of the ever changing shape of a typical waterbed. Popular fabrics include: cotton, satin, flannel, and a cotton/poly percale blend.

Specially designed pole attachments can be used on waterbeds to help keep the fitted sheet in place.

The right waterbed sheets can be the difference between a restful night’s sleep and restless tossing-and-turning. Also, a good place to find a set of sheets to fit your waterbed is at the store the waterbed was purchased from. If that isn’t an option, then a comparable online waterbed store may be a good solution. The larger online bedding and linens merchants usually carry a complete line of waterbed sheets and accessories.